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 About Sidney, Ia


Sidney, Iowa Weather
Latitude 40°44'43" North          Longitude 95°38'27" West
Elevation 1120 feet

Sidney is located about 50 miles southeast of Omaha, Nebraska
and is home for the Sidney, Iowa Rodeo.


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Current Conditions

Temperature  ^vxv007^° Sunrise today ^vst144^
Humidity  ^vxv005^% Sunset  ^vst145^
Wind  ^vxv002^ mph
from the ^vxv001^
Peak wind gust was 
^vhi003^ mph at ^vht003^
Wind Chill ^vxv019^°
Dew Point  ^vxv022^°
The barometer is currently ^vst139^
at ^vxv008^"
Today's rain ^vxv121^ Hourly Rain ^vxv122^
Yesterday's rain ^vxv123^ Monthly rain ^vxv129^

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